Friday, October 27, 2006

My first probability post

  1. Answer one of the question Groups in Full as discussed in class.

Find each probability if you spin the spinner once.
1. P ( red) 1/5 there is 5 options and 1 red. 2. P (green) 1/5 there is 5 options and 1 green. 3. P (blue or white) 2/5 there is 1 blue and 1 white and their is 5 options to pick. 4. P (not yellow) 4/5 there is 5 options and yellow doesn't count. 5. P(not red) 4/5 it has to be yellow, blue, green, white but not red so it doesn't count. 6. P(blue or red or yellow) 3/5 it has to be blue, red and yellow but no white and green.

  1. Question. What do all the questions have in common. What would you need to know about probability to be successful at solving them.
  2. Answer. All the questions mostly have the same amount example: 1/5 on red and 4 other colors. You would need to know how to do probability to do this question to do the rest of the 1 first.
  1. Queston. Are there any common errors students might make when answering any of these questions?
  2. Answer. They might forget to look at the brackets example: ( Not red) some people might read it quickly and they think it says (red) so they would make the mistake.
Question. Create your own question(s) to challenge your classmates.
Question of mine own P ( white) find the Probability

My Probability Game

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Grand Master Flash_abdul said...

i don't get it are we supposed to answr the questions or wat is it just an example