Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why we Blog

As I asked you in class "How many of you blog?" Most of you put up your hands because of your experience with Mr. Reece last year. Many of you also indicated that it was not you favorite activity during math class. I hope to change that this year. It is important to know that times are changing. The world you know now will be different by the time you enter highschool, and that world will change by the time you are ready to enter Highschool.

K. Fisch a teacher in Colorado created this powerpoint presentation for his students. It demonstrates how the world is changing. It is a remarkable presentation.

Did You Know

In your journals or as a comment I would like you to tell me what you are feeling after this presentation. Mr. Kuropatwa from Danial Mac asked his grade 11 and 12 students these questions:

  • What surprised you the most? Why was it surprising?

  • Did you learn anything? If so, what?

  • As you think about it now, does this change the way you think about school, learning or the purpose of getting an education? Is there anything you want to do differently related to school this year?

  • What Shift is happening?
How would you answer them?

Mr. Harbeck


-rain- said...

It suprise me that many new inventions are being built to overcome the whole human race. It suprise me because i didn't even know many people could ever built it.I learned that things are being improved and changed every year. I think the word shift that been used means evry year many things changed during our lives.

Rainer D.

'alyssaaa' said...

What surprised me the most about this Power Point presentation is that in the year 2049, (I think thats year.) a computer that can out-smart the entire human race will be made. I think its surprising. I wonder why would they want to make a computer like that? Don't get me wrong, computers are great but their only supposed to make our lives easier. If a computer knows all the knowledge that every human being on earth knows , what good could us humans be? I learned that in one school in the U.S. there are over 13,000 students. I also learned that in China, 25% of children have high iq. This doesn't really make me change the way I think about anything. The Shift is that the world is changing very quickly. There are things that we know are happening but we ignore them and there are things that we don't know are happening but we don't take the time to know them. (Does that make any sense at all?)

A.G. 8-73