Friday, September 08, 2006

Mr. Barksalot's Bath Graph

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Bobby fills a sink with enough water to wash his dog Mr. Barksalot. He then puts Mr. Barksalot in the sink and washes him. After he is finished he takes Mr. Barksalot out of the sink. Then he drains the sink.

Draw a graph that represents the level of water in the sink from the time paula started to fill the tub until the tub was empty. Clearly label your graph.

Explain what the graph should look like in a comment on this post AND on the back of your graph.

Mr. Harbeck


-rain- said...

My line graph contains up to 16 minutes as time in the x-axis and up to 16 litres as the water level in the y-axis. The water level goes up 2L every min. When the 5th min comes he stops the water and puts Mr.Barkalot in the sink, making the water go up to 16L. The water level stays like that until the 10th min, when he takes off Mr.Barksalot. The water then go back to 10L. He starts to take the water out, losing 2L a minute. My graph looks like a steady line going up the front, straight line in the middle, and line going down in the back.

'alyssaaa' said...

My graph is called Mr. Barksalot's Bath Water. The Y axis is called Water Level and the X axis is called Time. The time is counting by 5's. All together it would take him 20 minutes to wash his dog, fill up the sink and drain it. Bobby's sink goes up by 10's. From 0 to 100. He spends 5 minutes filling up the sink half way. (50) He then puts in Mr. Barksalot and washes him for 15 minutes. Afterwards Bobby takes his dog out of the sink and drains all the water out until it reaches 0. This would have taken him another 5 minutes. In the end the graph should look like the shape of a triangle.

Anonymous said...

This graph should look like a hill. First it should start small and get higher and then it decreases down to the lowest point.

-K.Y. 8-73

Anonymous said...

This graph should look like greenhill. It should start off by rising, and then lowering down to nothing.

-A.T. 8-73

Anonymous said...

The title of the graph is called "Graph of Mr.Barksalot's Bath." The y axis is labeled "Level of Water," and starts at 0 and goes up to 14 litres. The x axis is "What Bobby Does," and has the following, Bobby fills the sink, Bobby washes Mr.Barksalot in the sink, Bobby takes out Mr.Barksalot, and Bobby drains the sink. The first bar, Bobby filling the sink goes up to 12 L. The second bar, with Mr.Barksalot in the sink goes up to 14 L. The third bar without the Mr.Barksalot in the sink drops down to 11.5 L, and the finally the last bar when Bobby drains the sink drops to 0. The bars together look like a mountain.

VL 8-73

Anonymous said...

My "Bath Graph" is basically information based on Bobby washing his dog, Mr. Barksalot and putting it on a graph. On the Y axis, it is labelled as "Level Of Water" and the X axis is labelled as "Time". Bobby starts off by filling the sink with water. This takes him about 2 minutes. Then he puts Mr. Barksalot in the tub causin the water to go up by 3 litres. He then spends 6 minutes washing Mr. Barksalot. Bobby then takes his dog out of the sink and that causes the water to go back down 3 litres. He then drains the water, taking up another 2 minutes. The whole process took up to 7 minutes (at it's least). In the end, my graph turned out to be a shape of a hill/mountain/whatever. K BYE!

AP / 8-73