Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Scribe Post For December 4th

December 4th

First thing we did was convert 0.65 and 5:2 (Five to two.) The answers were 65%, 65/100, 65:35 (100 - 65), 5/7, 0.714, and 71.4%

Yesterday we had made a list of all the things we knew about Percents. But first we had to figure out how to make this shape larger or smaller. This was homework due on the 5th.


We also made a web on what we knew about
percents. It had to include pictorial items, numbers, words, and symbols, for symbols you'd obviously put %. Here are some examples:
If you cannot read those words get some binoculars! (I dare you to click this.)

If you'd like to see some more things about percents check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Percentage

Mr. Harbeck gave use some questions:

What does 50% mean to you?
What does 25% mean to you?
What does 10% mean to you?

Everyone answered indiviudally and a few people were picked, from Mr.Harbeck's card deck with our names, to give some answers. The only wrong answer is no answer!

Homework was to find 1%
75% and
15% of 85 and 300.


pee said...

hey, nice scribe post, sydney! good job on describing what happened on the 4th and today's class. i like how it's pretty straight forward and easy to understand.
(thumbs up)

wes said...

nice scribe post. it was easy to understand and it was great how u decribed what went on. keep up the good work

Qtypie said...

Good Job!The picture was great and it was understandable.Good job!

Mr. H said...

I like the binoculars link.
Clever. Thanks for scribing.