Monday, December 18, 2006

Sydney's Percentage Growing Post

What is a good definition of percent? You should use words symbols, pictures and numerical examples in your definition.

A Percent is a fraction out of 100.

picture examples:

Numerical examples:

1/2= 50% out of 100
3/5= 60% out of 100
2/4= 50% out of 100

Question #2

How are three fifths (3/5),3:2, 60%, 0.6 all the same? Use pictures and words to show your answer.


3/5=60% out of 100.
3:2=60% 5-3=2
60%=60 out of 100

Question #3

Show three different ways to find 35% of 80. (bubbleshare is an excellent way of finding these answers)



Question #4

Find a link to blogs that deal with percentages. Leave a comment behind and add the link with a review. (what the post was talking about....yes you have to read the post and why others should read the post) Hint in the side bar there are links to other schools. Three of them have done work on percentages.

I left a comment at because it was talking about percentages, and they knew what they were talking about. I think people should go to this peron for advice because they did a great job and its layed out nicely!

Question #5
The principal announced that 50% of the children in Ms. Stanzi's class met their reading goal for the month and that 55% of the children in Ms Lowrey's class met their reading goal for the month. Ms Stanzi said that a greater number of her students met their reading goal. Could Ms Stanzi be correct? Why or Why not.

Ms. Stanzi: 40/2=20

Ms. Lowrey: 40/1.5=26.66

Question #6

Use a hundred grid (unit square) to illustrate the following questions. Once you have explained and illustrated what the question means solve it.
a) 16 is 40% of what number?
b) What is 120% of 30?

16 is 40% of what number?

16/40=0.4 x 100= 40

16 = 40
40 = 100

What is 120% of 30?

Sorry that there is no color in the writing .. my comp got all messed up!


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Question 1
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Question 2
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Question 3
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Question 4
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