Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Alyssa's "BOB"


During this unit I learned how to make xky charts and proportion tables. i first found this unit hard and complicated to follow because there were so many things to learn, but when mr h explained things step-by-step i got a better understandings of it.

My favorite part of this unit are the xky charts; they seemed a little easier for me to do because all the information is there to see. also i enjoyed doing the blue booklet mr h gave us. it was easy and fun. it wasnt a pain to do it for homework. xD

i found the white booklet pretty hard. some of the questions were simple and easy while others were complicated and long. also a lot of the questions had something to do about "looking for lenghts" and i wasnt sure how to that either. i asked for help and i eventualy started to get a hang of it.

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