Thursday, February 08, 2007

Qtypies's Question 3

The police have cornered this criminal in a small 23 home community. If they have only 46 hours to find him, and they can fully search one house in 2 hours and 23 mintues, will they find him?

So first you want to change the time to one unit. So if you change it to minutes then 2 hours and 23 minutes will be 143 minutes and 46 hours would be 2760 minutes.
Math work:

converting 2 hours and 23 minutes to minutes

Converting 46 hours to minutes
60 x 46=2760
60 is 1 hour and 46 is how much time they have
Math work:

2760/143= 19.30( rounded 19)
no, the police won't find him. because there is 23 houses and in my answer above it calculates to 19.30(19) so they will only fully search 19 houses in 46 hours.
Please leave comments behind on what i did wrong and other things!

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amalia said...

Hey Mat that was very good because i had understood it and now i know what to do. Thank!