Monday, November 06, 2006

Chenda's scribe post

amalia couldn't log in or something so im the scribe for today

Today in class we got back our cumulative test all we had to do with it was either correct it with someone or if you got 10/10 .You just created your own question that is similar from the 1st or 2nd question that was on the test for ten minutes.

After we were done that we had to cut out our perfect square things that we did on that graph paper and glue it to a white piece of paper that got handed out to us. It looks like this unless mines wrong all i didnt do was put the square root and i think you need it ?.

pictures might be blurry because i used a camera phone .

Then next we did a question on the overhead . i think it was that. Well we used our square root chart that we made in class.. We had to find the square root without using a calculator. first you check what factors are inbetween 779 and that would be 27x27=729 and 28x28=784. and then you do something else, the answer would be 27. something because you dont actually know what the decimal is.

Next we saw what our homework was and its due tomorrow when we have math heres the questions. You have to find the square root for each one and solve the word problem thing.
The next scribe would be Maryrose.


alyssaaa said...

awesome job. for the graph ur also supposed to have the square root. thx for writing down the homework. i didnt get the last question in class.

chenda said...

oh yeah i forgot to write down the square root .. thanks

Mr. H said...

Great scribe. I like your creative use of the phone. That is a handy trick more students should know about. Your picture really helped explain your homework assignment.


maryrose said...

wow i like your pictures.thats a pretty scribe =) .well kinda forgot about the square root. but you could still fix it. well good job chenda!

Katira_M said...

Nice job, Chenda! Your post was one of the best I've seen. Your explainations were very good and you used the phone! Keep up the good work! :D