Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rainer's Scribe Post

first thing today is the homework (6,8,9,10 -perfect square?).

  • - 6 is not a perfect square
  • - 8 is not a perfect square
  • - 9 is a perfect square with equal sides (3x3)
  • - 10 is not a perfect square
a perfect square is any square that has the same length on all sides.


1. with 6 tiles what is the biggest square you can make?

remember a square must have all sides the same length.

= 2x2

= 4

2. now make the smallest square.

= 1x1

= 1

you can also make perfect squares with any number of tiles.

  1. -make a the biggest square you can
  2. -cut the other extra squares in thin pieces
  3. -add them to two sides like an L in the square

to figure out the exact size of the side length of the square you must square(umm check mark sign in a calculator) the area.


draw PERFECT SQUARES using 6,8,9,10,12,14&17 tiles.
do it in your notebook or in the graph paper.


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Mr. H said...

This is a good scribe post. You have illustrations and you explain what happened in class. Thanks for doing it so promptly.