Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Blogging Unit is Done

Way to go Room 73. You did seven scribes for eight classes. That is pretty good. One of you was unable to post a scribe. When this happens please see me and we can find alternates or you can blog from school. Work harder this unit. It starts tomorrow. Check the scribe list to see who the scribe can be!!

Remember a good scribe has images, words and links to helpful places to understand the lesson you are scribing.
Mr. Harbeck


'alyssaaa' said...

awesomee fireworkss. thats in disney world i think... i mean yeahh! 7 out of 8 posts yeahh! xDD

Anonymous said...

actually I shot it in Disneyland. And I'm curious as to what it's doing on this site. It's a copyrighted image.

Mr. H said...

Deepest apologies. I did not read enough at Flickr. The photo has been removed. Sorry.