Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Square Roots Information

Square Roots
This will be a quick unit on Square Roots and Square Numbers. What Are they does this video help?

During this unit the Scribes will be at work. Please choose a person from the Scribe List to be the next scribe. The Scribe list can be found in the sidebar under the category other Sargent Park Math Blogs. Tell that person at school as well as on your scribe post. Please label your post Scribepost.

Happy Scribing

Homework Assignment 1
Which of these numbers can be Perfect Squares. 6,8,9,10. Justify your answers using pictures, words or numbers.

Mr. Harbeck


wes said...

HEy mr.H
Thanks for letting me come in and do these comments. I was woundering were did u find that video clip and how do i get it??

- wes (thanks)

Melvin841 said...

Cool video of showing a square root