Monday, November 20, 2006


Today in math class, Mr. Harbeck gave us our third quiz. This quiz was based on our knowledge towards fractions.

Quiz 3

What do you know about 5/7?
- numerator is 5 (part)
- denominator is 7 (whole)
- proper fraction
- less than 1

You were then going to convert that fraction (5/7) into a decimal, fraction, percent, and ratio - as shown in the 5 colomns below:

You convert 5/7 to a decimal by dividing 5 by 7. This gives you the answer 0.714. The fraction stays the same. You get the percentage by multiplying the decimal by 100, giving you 71.4%. The ratio is 5:2 because 5 and 2 are the two parts that give you the whole number/denominator, which is 7.

What do you know about 3/2?
- numerator is 3 (part)
- denominator is 2 (whole)
- improper fraction
- greater than 1

The last question was similar to the second question on the quiz. It also asked you to convert the fraction (3/2) to a decimal, fraction, percent, and ratio:

Convert 3/2 to a decimal by dividing 3 by 2 = 1.5. The fraction stays the same. 150% is the answer because you multiply the decimal by 100. There is no ratio because it does not have the two parts. It needs to have a part and a part to make a part of a whole.

Fraction - A number that is less than one. The numerator is the part. The denominator is the whole.
Decimal - Represents as part of a whole number using tenths, hundredths, etc.
Percent - An equivalent fraction out of a hundred.
Ratio - Shows the relationship between part to part that when added gives you part to whole.

Yeah, I'm done now (: By the way, this took me FOREVER because of some technical difficulties with google and stuff. So sorry if it's posted this late !



Mr. H said...

Great Scribe and good use of pictures. You have done a good job telling what happened in class today.
Thanks for scribing.



Good work April!, It looks great, also just like Mr.H said , awesome pics.
- Sydney<3

pee said...

Woah. Now the scribes should be thinking twice about what they write, keeping in mind that we have thousands and thousands of people viewing and learning something off of our posts.

pee said...

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