Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This unit was pretty easy. In the beginning of the unit I was lost, but now I understand fractions, completely. I need to do better in the quizzes. I work during class and usually complete my homework on time. I worked hard on the unproject with my partner but it was a few days late.

Required Information:
1. Did you like the unproject.
It was okay.
2. Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would?
No because this was on done on the computer and it's much easier.
3. What did you like best about the unproject?
Creating questions for the quiz.
4. What would you change about the next unproject?
5. Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project?
Yes, I learned how to use tools on the internet such as creating slideshows and using wikispace.

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